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A historic university town

with 200,000 inhabitants,

Modena is situated

in Emilia- Romagna,

close to the Apennine Mountains

and halfway between

the Adriatic sea

and the Tyrrhenian.

Modena Daniela GhirlandinaDuomo anticati

Modena Daniela chiostro Delfini

Modena is a city to discover

by taking a stroll

under the porticos

or cycling along the roads

following the ancient canals,

in order to relive the medieval town

and hear the echoes

of the court

of the Estense family.

Unlike better-known

Italian ‘museum’ cities,

crowded with tourists,

Modena offers you the chance

to hear and speak Italian

on every corner.

In the shops or on the streets

you will always find someone

willing to stop

for a chat with you

LUCA GHIRLANDINA  Modena Piazza XX settembre

Modena is situated in a strategic

central geographic location.

It is close and well connected

to several important and famous cities:

Bologna, Milan, Venice, Verona,

Florence, Pisa, Siena.

Modena is a great starting point

that allows you to discover

small ‘jewels’ such as Ferrara,

Ravenna, Parma, Mantova,

Reggio Emilia, Cremona, Piacenza,

the beaches on Romagna’s Riviera

in the summertime or

the ski facilities of Mount Cimone

during winter season.

Modena Daniela PiazzaRoma


a great small city.


With its great

artistic, artisanal,

industrial and

human heritage,


is a land

of excellence.

Modena Ghirlandina

Enzo Ferrari, 

Luciano Pavarotti, 

Mirella Freni,

Massimo Bottura...

Prestigious names that tell how

the people from Modena are:

creative and pragmatic,

determined, ingenious,

tough, round, positive,

gourmet, beauty lovers

and art admirers.

Modena Daniela PalazzoDucale ombrellone chiuso LUCA METOPA ANTIPODI

Ancient and contemporary.

Modena and its romanic cathedral.

Modena and the Fire Room

in the old city hall.

Modena and the impressive

baroque Duke Palace.

Modena and the beauty

of its many small churches.


world heritage site.

Modena Daniela giardini pubblici
LUCA METOPA POTTA Modena Daniela manifattura

Then Piazza Grande,

the porticos,

the cobblestone streets,

the amber colour

of the historic buildings,

the rich opera program,

music and ballet

at Teatro Comunale Pavarotti,

the important contemporary

art exhibitions.


Modena Daniela cripta 

In the historic centre

there are small goldsmith boutiques,

famous instrument makers,

restorers, tailors.

In the suburbs

and far from the city centre,

there are big and well-known industries:

Ferrari, Maserati, Tetra Pak,

Panini Figurine,

New Holland, Lamborghini,

Pagani Automobili...


Chefs and innkeepers.

In Modena you will find

Michelin multi-star restaurants

and world famous chefs,

tempting you with

their precious creations,

just as you will also find

fat and jolly innkeepers,

that will offer you

the traditional cuisine

and great local wines.

 Modena Daniela bicchiere  Modena Daniela laghetto
Modena Duomo rosone  Modena Daniela tavolini PiazzaRoma

Go old style grocery shopping

in the luxurious liberty structure

of Mercato Albinelli,

lying under the medieval tower,

where greengrocers, butchers,

backers and deli workers

nicely display their goods.

Or take a bus and,

in ten minutes time,

enter one of Italy’s

biggest shopping malls.

Modena Daniela portone uccellino

Every place in Italy

owns history,

traditions and

unique habits.

If you want to discover

a more authentic Italy,

choose Modena,

a different destination.

Modena Ghirlandina obliqua
Modena Daniela bici ringadora LUCA DUOMO2  Modena Daniela arcate duomo

 For the images of Modena, apart from some of our own photo-shoots, we would like to thank:

LUCA OLIVIERI's free-hand watercolors:

follow him on medusediluce.blogspot.it

DANIELA LODI's Iger view;

follow her on Instagram: @ladan26